Jewellery – Spring 2014

Collection of rings made of crystal clear waterproof resin and various materials such as leather and mirrors. All materials are worked by hand, some are engraved with a unique geometrical design, making all… Continue reading

Limited Edition Prints

A series of prints are available through my shop. (Limited Editions of 50, numbered and signed, printed in A3). International shipping. Since the end of May 2014, I am also collaborating with the French company… Continue reading


Stage Installation for the French London-based trio We Were Evergreen for their 2014 tour (Venues included The Scala, London and La Gaité Lyrique, Paris). The installation is composed of four structures (wooden frame,… Continue reading

Jewellery – Mirrors

Find all my new jewellery pieces on my SHOP A variety of rings, bracelets, brooches and necklaces. All pieces are unique, designed and created by myself, in my London studio. Can’t see what… Continue reading

Set Design

Stage settings in plastic, mirrors and LEDs created for the Band We Were Evergreen’s UK and French 2012 tour. Pictures on this page were taken at the Maroquinerie (Paris), the Village Underground (London), the… Continue reading

Daily Haptics

< How can material experiences reconnect people with tactility in our digitized lives ? > Our senses are triggered less and less. The interactions that we entertain with everyday devices are lacking sensibility,… Continue reading

Accessories and Props

Series of handmade accessories and props created for the band tHe pEneLOpe[s] , supporting the Human League on their UK 2012 tour. The pictures featured on this page were taken during and after the… Continue reading

Material Explorations

This collection of samples all encompass unexpected materialities and touch sensations. They are made of a very wide array of materials that are pushed to their boundaries to create unique sensorial experiences. Various techniques and… Continue reading

Experience Lab

Experience Lab: Feeling Human is a project created in collaboration with Natsai Chieza and Rian Crabtree in November 2011. EXPERIENCE LAB was the winning entry of the Real Beauty by Design competition organised by Dove. After brainstorming… Continue reading

The Sharing Wall

2010 < How can you share a multi-sensorial experience through time and space ? > The SHARING WALL is a urban structure. The surface is a tactile interface that allows people to leave… Continue reading

London Floors

2009 The idea of this project was to discover London, as I just moved in this new city. Walking around, I realised how rich the floors were, I took pictures and translated these… Continue reading

Soft Agressiveness

2009 “Soft Aggressiveness” looks at the duality between the world of armours, (metal, nails, chain mails, heaviness, …) and the world of lace (soft, light, airy, charming, …) I played with materials, interacting with… Continue reading


  Original drawings are available to buy through my ArtFinder shop. Please feel free to contact me if you require more information.